"You may be stronger than me, you may be faster than me, but you will not outwork me!"

I have been in the fitness industry since 1997 and after I graduated from UOP with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine in 1999, I opened Pure Form Fitness in 2001.  Since then I have refined The PFT System and have transformed thousands of lives throughout San Joaquin County.

I continue to look for new and better ways to help people achieve their own greatness.  It is My Passion to show people how to make lifelong transformations.  It isn’t just a workout, it is a lifestyle and I want to be that catalyst in the lives of as many people as I can.  And that is why I have created The PFT System.

The PFT System has come about from years of research into the most effective way to training your body, getting the most out of you.




Playing many sports growing up I have always retained a love of being out doors and active. After high school I immediately joined the United States Navy. While in the navy as an air crew survival equipment man I was able to train with Navy seals and was a qualified Air Rescue Swimmer. " training with the navy seals was the most intense workouts I've ever done".


After the navy I attended school at the University of the Pacific where I studied psychology with and emphasis on counseling. I realized that I had a true passion for helping others. After graduating I worked  as a substance abuse counselor and half way house director. Constantly running, lifting and cycling and promoting health amongst to all of my clients I realized there was healing power to exercise.


In 2009 I was introduced to Carl Hultgren. I currently carry a training  certificate from the International Sports Association. I studied under Master trainer Carl learning his methodology to the Pure Form System.  In 2013 we opened the Lodi Pure Form PFT together. We now operate 7 Pure Form gyms together and are together helping people change their lives and "BE AWESOME" through exercise and nutrition every day.  I am truly blessed! 

"It's your workout, your time, your body, own it."