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For the Bartlett’s, its not JUST about getting you into shape. Its about helping you become a better version of yourself; nutritionally, physically, faithfully and emotionally. Everyone strives to be better, inside and out. THIS is where they found it. THIS is their passion. THIS is what they want to share. THIS is their story.


In 2005 in Upstate NY, an outgoing Division 1 athlete met a very shy California guy. Their polar opposite personalities instantaneously clicked, and it took off immediately! Jason’s baseball career, and Kelly’s passion for athletics, truly served as the foundation for helping others.

After 13 years, Jason’s incredible MLB chapter closed. The two really felt like there was MORE for them to offer. As they started focusing on their own fitness goals, they discovered a program that catered

to both of their bodies needs. After Kelly had their second son, she needed a high intensity program to burn fat, but low impact enough for her lower back injury. Jason needed something to keep challenging his muscles with strength, but continue pushing his cardio. Insert: HIIT-high intensity interval training. The fact that the workouts were under 40 minutes was an added bonus for the parents of two young boys.

They partnered with their friends from Pure Form PFT in Sacramento, CA for one-of-a-kind programming. As Kelly & Jason became more confident with the program, they made close friends do the workouts, then family. It became a genuine LOVE. It was addicting, and it worked. This was something that everyone needed a taste of!

"It's your workout, your time, your body, own it."

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